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Hypnosis & Mindfulness Meditation for Differently-Abled Learners

Life Coaching Through Art:

We coach children, teens, and adults as individuals and in small groups to help determine blocks to learning, social skills, career choices, or personal development.

Our Registered Art Therapist plans and guides you through a personalized art activity, designed to illicit subconscious musings and pre-conscious underpinnings which influence your current choices, plans and goals.  By bringing these constructs to light, you are then better able to articulate your "next steps" in accomplishing your vision of current circumstances or of your future. Either way, you are in charge.  We facilitate you, ask guiding questions, and make observations. 


Individuals with little or no art experience do well using this process as their art is raw and untrained.  This leaves the subconscious free to illustrate the details of whatever you are struggling with in your life.  This process is very powerful and often leads to swiftly resolving difficulties.

Having taken Brene Brown's Online Course, "Daring Greatly, Rising Strong" Janet Wilson helps participants lean into the challenge of "rising strong." 

mushroom cloud explosion -Pam


During this session we used collage to represent the images that came to us from our Guided Imagery Session.  Each participant chose their pictures and created their collage.

This participant (Pam) is engaged in creating a large-scale education program and is poised to begin implementing it, so the moment of truth has arrived.

The first thing she stated was, "I know this looks like a mushroom cloud, but it is not."  She went on to discuss her fear of not being able to complete this large scale project and not wishing to let everyone down. She was indeed terrified.  Our subconscious does not lie.

The image above? was both a beautiful tree - as well as the image of a mushroom cloud looming overhead. She cried as she examined her fear. The result - by placing her fear in front, her courageous effort allowed her to move forward with her vision.  How beautiful to witness the power of the unconscious through art.

Painting & Drawing Meetups Run Every Thursday Night 6:00 - 7:30PM. No experience needed!