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Hypnosis & Mindfulness Meditation for Differently-Abled Learners


Transformative Life Arts Testimonials:

By nature I am a traditional type of person, therefore over the years I have looked at traditional methods to find solutions for my “problems”. One of those “problems” was allowing my past to affect my present and therefore my future. I couldn’t seem to erase the old tapes that continually played in my head and affected how I felt about myself.

Enter Janet Wilson, Art Therapist extraordinaire! From the first minute Janet and I met I felt an immediate connection. During our first session she managed to put me on the right path to self-acceptance, a path which I hadn’t been able to find even after hundreds of hours with traditional therapists. Thanks to her untraditional methods of using art, meditation, guided imagery and the many hours of homework she gave me, I am finally on the right path to self-fulfillment and self-acceptance. Janet has a way of seeing into your very soul and very gently showing you the way.

I don’t know what I would do without Janet in my life.”

Andrea Southard

Educational Testimonials:

"Janet is a good communicator, a tireless worker, and committed to the education of our youth.  If the character aspects of Janet were not enough, she also knows the rules and regulations backwards and forwards."     
      - Tim Komrain, Director of Special Education Goshen-Lempster School District, NH

"My first impression of Janet was of an educator with rich experience. Rarely have I met someone so accomplished in her field and able to speak articulately about a myriad of educational issues. With Janet’s background, I was assured of a skilled professional who could handle any situation that might arise.

Janet is a delightful, positive, and engaging person, both with adults and students. In the short time that she worked at Harold Martin School, she made solid relationships with all, especially certain students who needed her attention the most. I believe Janet has the propensity and intuitiveness to find the reluctant learner and engage them in the arts to draw out their personality and creativity."
           - Bill Carrozza, Maple Street School, Principal

"Janet Wilson is a consummate professional. Janet reported to me as the Curriculum Consultant to Sales at Glynlyon, Inc. Janet interfaced with our corporate sales representatives, curriculum and product development team and with customers. She also excelled in our extensive sales training process.

These are several reasons Janet was successful with Glynlyon:

  • Knowledge of the field of education, including online learning, common core standards and trends in education.
  • Excellent communicator, personable and professional. She learns from direction and coaching.
  • Has made the transition from the education field to the corporate environment.
I recommend Janet to any firm considering her for a position. She is capable, bright, energetic and shows the drive and motivation to be successful."

          - Michael C. Fulcher, Executive Vice President of Sales, Glynlyon, Inc. Chandler, AZ

"I have had the pleasure of working with Janet Curcio Wilson for four years. In that time she and I have worked together to write a number of different arts education related grants. We both serve as Design Team members on the New Hampshire Integrated Learning Project (ILP), now called SAIL, a statewide collaborative effort to support arts integration and research on the effects of the arts on learning. I have had the pleasure of conducting a comprehensive evaluation of Janet’s arts integration model, with SERESC at the Epping Middle School and The Brentwood School in Merrimack, NH.

In each of these different roles, I have gotten to know Janet increasingly well as a colleague, a visionary educator, and an educational leader. I must say that I am impressed with Janet’s energy, her creativity, and her dedication to serving the creative and academic needs of students.

Janet is currently working at Plymouth State University where she used her talents as a curriculum development and professional development specialist. She is also the developer of the Inspired Learning Through the Arts Professional Development Model. At PSU she organized and instructed summer education institutes, conferences, courses, and workshops for teachers across the state, and supervised graduate student teachers helping them to align state standards and learning styles of students to current arts in education best practice."

        -Bill Preble, Main Street Academix, and Professor of Education, New England College, Henniker, NH

"Janet has a solid work ethic that is demonstrated in all aspects of her responsibilities. She is willing to devote her time and leadership not only for her department but the school and district.

During her first year here, Janet became the chair of the district professional development committee, at a time when our district was separating from Sunapee. She devoted her personal and professional skills time and time again."

           - Joy Gobin, M.Ed, Reading Specialist, New London School District

Parent Testimonials:

Dear Janet:

"We have been very blessed to have you as Sam's Advocate. You are a gifted teacher! The true testimony is how much he enjoys being there working and learning with you. He comes home so excited about what he has accomplished each day, and I can see his confidence and self esteem rebuilding.

I am very grateful for all you have done for Sam. You are that special teacher who has come into his life at just the right time and made a real and I believe lasting impression. Knowing that you've impacted a child's life in a meaningful way is the greatest reward."

                                                                  -       - Beth Darling, Amherst, New Hampshire