“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”     

                         - Albert Einstein                    

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For Students Heading to College with a Learning Disability

The biggest challenges students with a learning disability face include a lack of tailored courses, educational support, and extracurricular activities. Read more here: https://www.ireviews.com/best-schools-for-students-with-a-learning-disability/


Our Services Are Personalized for Anyone - Age 5 to 105:

We are all "differently-abled." Each of us is gifted in our own way. Therefore the services we offer are tailored to your specific needs, dreams and goals. By focusing on what each of is good at, we build upon these strengths in all of our programs. So, whether you are a parent struggling to assure your child's education is supporting these strengths or a young professional wanting to explore your dreams and aspirations, Inspired Learning Coaching will create a program designed just for you! 

We offer:

  • Education Advocacy for kids/teens/adults
  • Brain Retraining Through Hypnosis, Art As Healing, PSTEC, Mindfulness Meditation Training, PLAY ATTENTION games-based brain rewiring to improve attention for ADD/HD.
  • Women's Workshops to learn painting/drawing and Expressive Art to explore your spirituality through art & sharing and we offer vision boarding.


Inspired Learning Services

Holistic Education Advocacy focuses on the whole child/teen/adult;
Mind, Body and Spirit.

Our Wrap-Around Approach is Three-fold:

  1. We partner with a Naturopathic Physician for a non-pharmacologocal approach to help get your child off medication. (We also work with you if you choose not to do this.)
  2. We also partner with a Master-level Nutritionist to rule out food sensitivities.
  3. Our Masters-level Certified Special Education Administrator is here to here to help you by attending IEP/504 meetings, reviewing evaluations and determining a holistic and loving course of action: Brain Retraining through Mindfulness Plus!, Hypnosis, PSTEC, PLAY ATTENTION and Art Therapy.

We also offer Education Advocacy to individuals in college, regardless of age.  

We service all learners, whether identified special needs or not.

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We Focus on Every Learner's Strengths!

We Offer A Paired Approach – Support for You as Parents or Adult Learners and Re-Training for You or Your Child/Teen:

  1. Holistic Education Advocacy - We attend K-12 meetings in area schools or for high school graduates, we offer Education Advocacy in College/Trade School or Post Secondary Training.
  2. Brain Re-Training for Academic Support- First, we work to remove old patterns of reacting to new material:

Most of us are aware that over half of the problem a child encounters in learning has to do with how s/he feels about learning.  Well, if a child has had a string of negative experiences trying to learn new material, after a while s/he stops trying and/or develops sophisticated avoidance patterns.  This may include, faking being sick, creating a distraction with negative behaviors, hitting other children, withdrawing into themselves and feeling “stupid.”  Whatever your child’s avoidance patterns may be – one thing is for certain, s/he has developed a negative self image when it comes to learning.  This is why we need to re-pattern the brain, remove these less than helpful patterns and replace them with stronger and more effective learning techniques.  In turn, we begin to mend the heart that was once broken.

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Brain Retraining:

We offer 2 types of Brain Retraining, both based on current neuroplasticity studies:

1. Our Mindfulness Plus!(cc) Program combines Hypnosis, PS TEC and Art Therapy.

We teach basic meditation, self-hypnosis and other personal empowerment skills as well as problem-solving strategies and tools through:

  • Art Therapy and Vision Boarding
  • Hypnosis and PSTEC for Emotions That Are Difficult and That You Want to Release
  • Art Sessions for Personal Expression and Art Therapy

As a companion to Education Advocacy, we help kids with skill-building sessions to enhance focus, learning and memory, rebuild self-esteem and improve self-advocacy. Whether diagnosed with ADD/ADHD identified as “at-risk” or "special needs", we can help. 

2. We are an approved PLAY ATTENTION site and are thrilled to offer this games-based program for learners struggling to maintain focus. This is also effective for individuals who have had a stroke or traumatic brain injury.


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Through PLAY ATTENTION - for ADD/HD - All Ages

PLAY ATTENTION is simply amazing in permanently improving focus in individuals with ADD/HD by changing the brain's wiring. This means it achieves permanency!

This research-based (Tufts University School of Medicine) games-based program is designed to change the architecture of the brain.It is the only neural network system that integrates:

Immediate Feedback

Immediate Feedback to the client so they see exactly where their brain is loosing focus.  This raises awareness in the learner to make them aware of the difference in how it feels when focused and how it feels when loosing focus.

Cognitive Skill Training

Cognitive Skill Training through practice and repetition. Task completion, memory and focus/attention skills are targeted.

Behavior Shaping Component

Behavior Shaping Component so students can immediately see how their off-task behaviors are impeding learning.

Let's Change This.....

To This!

....And.....Just for Women

Join girls and women, ages 13+ from all over the world as you tell your story. Help breathe life into your dreams, your desires, your inner hopes.  Envision a future where you are not held back, where your imagined future becomes your daily life. 

We've got you!  Give us a call and let's see you fly!


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Dream it! Be It! Do It!

Our 3-Step Process for (Pre-)Teens and Adults

Dream it!

Vision Boarding

We help you create a detailed Personal Vision of your future. We do this by first learning where you are right now in your life. Then, we ask you to tell us about where you imagine your life to go if everything you hoped for, just as you imaged it so many times in the past, came to be.

Be It!


This is where we work with you to live into your vision. Using Life Coaching and Hypnosis we individualize your sessions tailored to help you to achieve your personal vision. Everything we do is for that purpose alone. In this way, your imagination and your inspiration align directly to your goals.

Do It!

PSTEC & Self Hypnosis Practice

By practicing an attitude of gratitude – where we assist you in BELIEVING you are living your dream now.  BY REPATTERNING YOUR BRAIN THROUGH HYPNOSIS AND PERCUSSIVE SUGGESTION (PSTEC) we assist you in aligning feelings/beliefs and mindset to your newly created vision.

This accomplishes two things – First, your thoughts are now fully congruent with successful implementation of your goal/dream and everything in your body-mind-consciousness is aligned to your dream. You are now taking action steps toward your vision.

Inspired Learning Coaching, LLC, Life Coach, Amherst, NH

Why Inspired Learning Coaching?

Nominated to President Barak Obama's Educational Transitions Team,

Janet Curcio Wilson is an award-winning Educator and Administrator with over 40 years experience.

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