Inspired Learning Coaching, LLC                    


Hypnosis & Mindfulness Meditation for Differently-Abled Learners

"The journey of a thousand paces begins with a single step." 

Your Story

Whether you or your child has had difficulty in school or with learning and focusing in general, look no further.  We know how frustrating life feels when stress is all-consuming or your attention is splintered in multiple directions.  Perhaps it is due to ADD/ADHD or a learning difference.  Maybe it is because anxiety and depression seem to be all consuming.  We get it.  You are looking for a place where you and/or your child want to feel understood and whole.  That is exactly why we are here and that is why we are the most referred Educational Advocacy location in Southern New Hampshire.  

Our holistic approach sets us apart.  We offer a 1-hour complimentary session to learn about you and why you feel you want assistance.  With a solid spiritual (read 'respectful and holistic') approach, we focus on the strengths of each person and build upon those to:
     * increase organizational skills
     * instruct self-soothing techniques                   through Mindfulness Meditation and              Hypnosis
     * build self-confidence in learning
     * improve writing & reading

1,000 Happy Customers

Over the past five years, we have sat in IEP meetings and 504 Plan Meetings, helped parents better understand how their child learns while teaching kids to advocate better for themselves.  Now, we offer a unique combination of Hypnosis, Art Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, and Academic Coaching to strengthen learning.

For over five years we have serviced learners ages 5 to 65 in school, in relationships and in private sessions individually tailored to their needs.

Who Benefits From Our Services?

     Holistic Educational Advocacy -
* Individuals with Learning Difficulties - ADD/ADHD, an IEP, 504 Plan, At-Risk Teens.
* Learners in school Kindergarten through college

     Hypnosis & Meditation Training -
* Individuals in a life transition, either because of a divorce, death in the family, loss of a job relocation.
* Individuals with Anxiety or Depression
* Folks who want to stop smoking, loose weight, change a habit, create a personal vision.