Welcome! We are here for you and your family.

We are located at 5 Northern Blvd, Building #16, Amherst, NH 03031

When you drive in the driveway, go around to your right. Park facing the "MJOTC" sign, as seen here. When you come in this door you will hear waterfalls, birds and ocean sounds. There is purified water for waiting for you on tap in our lovely waiting area. We provide cups and you may want to bring a few tea bags.

Our 2 gender-neutral bathrooms are straight ahead down the hallway.

My Office is #2 on the West wall balcony.  Have a seat in the waiting area and I will come out and get you when I finish up with my clients. If you remember, text me to let me know you are here and have a seat downstairs.

To protect your privacy, the sounds you hear indicate to each of us that we are "IN SESSION."

The sign on the lawn in front says,

                         "NORTHWOOD GREENE."


Our Office Are Warm and Inviting

...And We Get Our Work Done Too!