• Executive Function Training - to help kids learn to organize and prioritize.
  • Behavioral Training - by giving immediate games-based feedback in real time to help kids begin to use self-control.
  • Social Skills Training - to help kids gain skills in empathy, respect and social interaction.

Based on current neuroplasticity studies, this is the only research-based program approved by The US Department of Education. 

In fact, Tufts University School of Medicine found...

"Neurofeedback participants made more prompt and greater improvements in ADHD symptoms, which were sustained at the 6-month follow-up, than did CT (cat-scan) participants or those in the control group. This finding suggests that neurofeedback is a promising attention training treatment for children with ADHD.”

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Rewiring the ADD/HD Brain

PLAY ATTENTION is an alternative treatment for individuals with ADHD looking to avoid medication. This is a news segment on "The Morning Show" in 2007 aired on KTLA 5 displaying the PLAY ATTENTION Neurofeedback program.

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Dear Parents,

We offer 2 programs at Inspired Learning Coaching. Both integrate the best of neuroplasticity brain research. Keep in mind that we individualize your child/teen’s program tailored to their history, a medical diagnosis, if they have one and their current abilities and strengths.

Although PLAY ATTENTION was originally designed to improve behavior, social skills and focus, their success stories now include individuals with OCD, brain injury and similar brain-based struggles.

We make no guarantees, however, we do believe one or both of these programs combined will help to increase your son/daughter’s motivation and engagement.

How Are PLAY ATTENTION Sessions Structured?

Sample Pre- and Post-Testing Focus Assessment and Progress Data  

Sample - Nico Age 9 - 2016