Percussive Suggestion Technique (PSTEC)

You know that nagging circular thinking that spins 'round and 'round in your head? Or, like all of us, you have specific triggers, things people do or say that set you off. PS TEC, or Percussive Suggestion Technique is designed to eliminate these triggers.

Based on current brain research and neuroplasticity, PSTEC is a self-help and therapy-guided system of releasing old patterns that keep you stuck.

Here's the amazing thing about this program:

1. It is so simple and it works!

2. It is global and you can get support as you learn this remarkably effective way to get rid of those pesky circular thinking patterns we all have!

3. You don't have anything to loose. Try it!

Are You Ready to Remove Your "Hot Buttons?"

Try it for yourself and see. Go to http://www.PSTEC.org and click on the left tab marked, "Free Stuff." Then, after you do a couple of sessions on your own, come on back and we will hep you strengthen your PSTEC practice using hypnosis. It truly is the future of counseling at its best!